Long ago with PHP

I decided to publish my blog in English for a few weeks and share it on Linkedin to attract some job recurritter about my abilities. It’s my plesure to get feedback of readers.

So, finally I accepted that my main major in IT world is PHP developer. as you can see in my resume, I have some abilities in DevOps and management. But most of the time I have showed my talents in developing with PHP.

Still I have a stupid insistence don’t learn and use Design Pattern, and It’s because of my historical mental manner to try and fail and invention. But hopefully I have worked a lot with teams and these days I’m working on my soft skills.

As you know SOLID, KISS, DRY and ever Design Patterns are famous contract between a lot of people to maintain codes. So  I was trying  to invent a system on my own. After a while I found it’s hard to continue because I’m a father of two children and my wife expect more with me. So I change my roadmap to learn English and apply with current knowledge every body with better salary.

In the way of improving, I decided to show some of my abilities and challenges in the shape of some posts.

@ Refactoring in PHP

First time I’ve heard this expression by Mohammad, one of my coworkers in Adilar. When we found the abilities of this feature, we decided to change everywhere with isset function.

But bad news is that this feature is deprecating. Although you can you ?-> instead in objects of PHP.


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